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Editor's Letter
A spread from the Spring 2016 issue of ARTnews.

Editor’s Letter: Icons | Spring 2016

A few months ago, on the heels of a merger with BMP Media Holdings, we at ARTnews announced that our magazine would become a quarterly. To many of our readers this understandably may have come as a surprise. After all, … Read More

News The Talent

ARTnews Ltd. Hires Vincent Fremont as CEO

ARTnews Ltd., which publishes these pages, announced today that it has hired Vincent Fremont as its new CEO. Fremont helped found the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts after the artist’s death in 1987, and served as its sales … Read More


Artnews S.A. and BMP Media Holdings Merger Finalized

Yesterday BMP Media Holdings and Artnews S.A. finalized their merger, which had first been announced in July. The new announcement offers additional details about the merger. Details about the merger can be found in the press release here.      


ARTnews and Art in America Merge to Form World’s Largest Art-Media Company

Founded in 1902—as Hyde’s Weekly Art News—ARTnews today entered a new phase, in a merger with Brant Publications, the publisher of Art in America. Since I joined ARTnews a year ago, shortly after it was acquired by new owners from … Read More

Graphics Market

Here’s a Look at Attendance Numbers at Recent Art Fairs

Skate’s Art Market Research has released its quarterly report on art fairs, which examines attendance numbers and exhibitor totals, and above is a brief summary of some of its findings in graph form. It confirms that Art Basel remains the … Read More

William D. Cohan.  FRANK E. SCHRAMM III

ARTnews Wins Silurians 2012 Award

Prize for “Excellence in Journalism” Read More


ARTnews Wins Silurians 2011 Excellence in Journalism Award

ARTnews has won the Society of the Silurians 2011 Excellence in Journalism Arts/Culture Award for a series of articles on the controversy surrounding 74 “recently discovered” plaster sculpture casts said to have been made by Edgar Degas. The articles, by … Read More


Two responses to ‘A Controversy over Degas’

William D. Cohan’s article suggests that the art world today is divided into two warring camps about 74 recently revealed Degas plasters.In fact, far more consensus than controversy surrounds these plasters than the article allows. Close examination of the plasters … Read More


Collecting in Cyberspace

The online art market is growing as auction houses and dealers rush to establish a presence on the Web. How have their investments paid off so far—and what do they hope to achieve in the future? Read More


From Bilbao to Brazil?

New York The Guggenheim ponders a venue in South America Detroit The two-day show Boston On the waterfront Fort Worth Controversial cover-up Cambridge, Mass Another victory for Malevich heirs . The Guggenheim ponders the possibilities for a venue in South America Read More