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Tom of Finland, Untitled, 1987, graphite on paper. COURTESY TOM OF FINLAND FOUNDATION

Aroused and Inspired: Collier Schorr, Carlos Motta, and Nayland Blake Talk Tom of Finland

“I didn’t know that Artists Space had a private sex room that also functions as an auditorium,” the writer and curator Bob Nickas observed last night, speaking in the basement of the alternative space’s Walker Street bookstore.“If this was a … Read More


Into the Woods

Using old canoes, discarded planks, tree stumps, and colossal roots left behind by loggers, Brazilian designers are transforming found wood into high design. Read More


The Indecisive Image

In pictures of ethereal specks and kaleidoscopic explosions of color, photographers are embracing abstraction. Read More


Blast from the Past

Artists around the globe are turning Socialist Realism on its head, layering the once-potent tool of propaganda with irony and nostalgia. Read More