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DIA's interior hall.


Morning Links: Detroit Institute of Arts ‘Tiptoes Into Art Auction Market’ Edition

“Night Lights at Wave Hill,” a $250,000 show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Hudson River estate in Riverdale, features work by Chris Doyle and runs through May 24. [The New York Times]A just-released letter from Prince Charles to UK government ministers … Read More

In Mary Boone with Cube, 2010, the gallerist holds a block of the compressed trash in Squeeze, Mika Rottenberg's 2010 video.  COURTESY NICOLE KLAGSBRUN GALLERY, NEW YORK

Talking Trash

More and more artists are using trash not just as a material but also as a subject. Read More

John Wesley’s comic-book esthetic, as in Aer Lingus, 2002, appeals to younger artists. COURTESY FREDERICKS FREISER GALLERY, NEW YORK

What’s So Funny About Contemporary Art?

Artists are finding inspiration in gags, slapstick, clowns, comics, and stand-up comedy. The results are sometimes satirical, sometimes ludicrous, and sometimes ‘so funny you could cry’. Read More