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Steven A. Cohen Revealed as Buyer of $141.3 M. Giacometti Sculpture


Buyer of $179.4 Million Picasso Revealed? [UPDATED]

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Mondrian Sells for $50.6 M., a New Record, at Christie’s $202.6 M. Impressionist-Modern Sale

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Christie’s Brings in $658.5 M. at Contemporary Art Sale, With an $81.9 M. Rothko in Front

Auctions Market News

Christie’s Nets $705.8 M. at ‘Looking Forward’ Sale, Led by Picasso and Giacometti Record Setters


Morning Links: Great Wall of China Edition

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How Has the Photography Market Been Doing?

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Asia Week Auctions Haul in Rip-Roaring $250.7 M. at Big Two Houses, a Record

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Loic Gouzer Follows Up ‘Gritty’ Sale With Auction Featuring Potentially Historic Picasso

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Phillips 2.0: Can Auction Veteran Ed Dolman Turn Around the Art World’s Third-Place House?


Elizabeth Taylor Trust Sues Christie’s

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Skate’s: Top Four Online Auction Houses Cleared $144 M. Last Year

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Comparing the Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter Markets After a Hot Week in London


Christie’s Nets $177.9 M. at Contemporary Sale in London, Led by $30 M. Twombly