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At center are LACMA Director Michael Govan, Michael Heizer (the gentleman with the hat), President Obama, Nevada Senator Harry Reid, and Nevada Congresswoman Dana Titus.REPRESENTATIVE DINA TITUS/TWITTER

Here’s a Photo of President Obama, Michael Heizer, Harry Reid, and Michael Govan Celebrating the Protection of Heizer’s ‘City’

It just doesn’t get better than this. On Friday, as you may have read, President Obama signed a proclamation establishing the Basin and Range National Monument, some 704,000 acres of land in Nevada that includes all sorts of fossils as … Read More

Tunisian security forces after the attack.


Morning Links: Tunisian Terrorist Attack Edition

Yesterday, terrorists killed visitors at the National Bardo Museum in Tunis, taking others hostage after attacking the Parliament building nearby. Seven foreign tourists were killed, and French, Italian, British, and Spanish citizens were among the hostages. Two of the terrorists … Read More

Aleksandra Mir’s “spoof on Earth Art and art history” transformed a Dutch beach into a lunar landscape of hills and craters for a day in l999. COURTESY THE ARTIST (2)

Moving Mountains, Walking on Water

As artists like James Turrell and Michael Heizer continue to toil on their massive Earthworks, caretakers of other examples of Land Art are facing questions of conservation, access, and environmental impact. Meanwhile, more ecologically conscious artists have been updating the genre. Read More