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Cover of Lydia Lunch's Queen of Siam album.

‘Don’t Blame Me for Courtney Love’: Lydia Lunch On No Wave, Brian Eno, Rent Strikes, and Legacy

Lydia Lunch is, according to Lydia Lunch, in turns, a “positive nihilist,” a “conceptualist,” a “journalist,” and a “55-year-old terror infant,” among other things. She’s also the de facto spokesperson for No Wave—the aggressive music and cinema that briefly sprung … Read More

2015 Venice Biennale
At the opening of the project on May 8.ARTNEWS

Reopen Christoph Büchel’s Mosque Project in Venice

Last Friday, Venetian authorities closed Christoph Büchel’s functioning mosque in a disused church in the city, the Swiss artist’s project for the Icelandic pavilion at the Venice Biennale, saying that it had did not have the proper permits and was … Read More

Installation view of the second part of 'The Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary' at Lulu.

‘Small Gesture, Big Impact’: At the Inaugural Lulennial in Mexico City

“Everybody touch everybody else’s ass.”A friend, six strangers, and I begin a veritable game of Twister to follow this instruction. The robotic voice that issued it has also told us to make lusty, direct eye contact with another member of … Read More

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Women in the Art World

The June 2015 issue of ARTnews explores the position of women in the arts today by looking at current statistics, asking artists of several generations to respond to those figures, and analyzing the stereotypes that women encounter in the art world Read More

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The Guerrilla Girls' 1986 “Report Card” along Pussy Galore's 2015 version.  ©1986 GUERRILLA GIRLS; ©2015 PUSSY GALORE

Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures, and Fixes

Despite encouraging signs of women’s improved status and visibility in the art world, there are still major systemic problems. Do not misunderstand me: women artists are in a far better position today than they were 45 years ago, when Linda … Read More

consumer reports
Chris Lux. Photo By tktk.

Consumer Reports: Chris Lux

Chris Lux is a painter and sculptor who lives and works in San Francisco. He has had recent solo exhibitions at Jupiter Woods, London; Stussy, Tokyo; Oakland Museum, Oakland, California; Muddguts, New York; Popular Workshop, San Francisco; and Jancar Jones, Los … Read More

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‘Few Artists Have The Potential To Become Meta’: At The Kitchen’s Spring Gala Honoring Kim Gordon and Dan Graham

“We’re still discovering some of her properties: shape-shifter, beautiful cipher, charmed, glamorous California girl bouncing back and forth between coasts, shifting valances between art, poetry, installation, and painting,” began Tony Oursler last night at Cipriani Wall Street, where The Kitchen … Read More

Artists News
Alex Katz. "Sunset 1," 2008. Oil on linen, 108 x 84 inches.© Alex Katz/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY/Collection of the artist.

The Quotable Alex Katz

There are parts of Alex Katz’s studio that appear to be relics from another era. Its location, for one thing, on West Broadway in Soho—for so long the land of high-end retail and fashion pop-up stores, it’s difficult to even … Read More

Artists News
Interior shot of After Tomorrow. 


‘You get more out of art that doesn’t allow you to do something’: Elmgreen & Dragset On ‘Past Tomorrow’ at Galerie Perrotin

In 2014, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset transformed the Victoria & Albert Museum’s former Textile Galleries into a life-size diorama—suddenly, museum visitors would find themselves in the stately, quaint, neoclassical Old-World apartment of one Mr. Norman Swann, a “fictional, elderly, … Read More

Odwalla88 performing in 2014. JUSTIN SMITH

Live, Laugh, Love: On Odwalla88

There’s a long tradition of artist-led bands—including Destroy All Monsters, Talking Heads, Theoretical Girls, and Sonic Youth—that blur the line between popular music and contemporary art. The only thing these bands have in common, besides art school and perhaps a … Read More

Open Sesame: Art Events in New York
SIggi Hofer's Oh Heaven...Six Children and No Bread.


9 Art Events To Attend In New York City This Week

TUESDAY, MAY 19Opening: Alex Katz at Mary Ryan “Modern and wonderful,” Calvin Klein says of this show, in which artist Alex Katz will debut nine original, extremely large, monochromatic screen prints at 80 x 30 inches, most of which feature women … Read More

Frieze New York 2015 News

NADA New York Opens With Gambling, Canine Artists, and at Least One Slurpee

Sometimes going to an art fair can feel like being in a casino, minus the free drinks and soothing extra oxygen those places pump in. Pro tip for future art fairs: pump some more oxygen in there! People will probably … Read More

Market News
Francis Bacon, "Seated Woman," 1961.

Phillips Closes Spring Auctions With Fainting Spell and Respectable $97.1 M. Contemporary Sale

The New York Spring auctions ended earlier this evening with a modest sale at Phillips that saw the house bring in $97.1 million, a relatively small sum compared to those seen at the other houses earlier in the week but … Read More