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Market News
Photo by Zoë Lescaze.

Here’s the 2015 NADA New York Exhibitor List

The New Art Dealers Alliance announced today the exhibitors for the fourth edition of its NADA New York art fair. Returning to Basketball City at Pier 36 on the East River, this year’s NADA will include 100 galleries, including 27 … Read More


Scrapbooking with Andrea Rosen

Museums are fond of publishing tomes that celebrate their illustrious histories. These days, galleries are getting in on the game. But New York dealer Andrea Rosen’s decision to publish, this month, a boxed set of 26 books celebrating her gallery’s … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
Schachter wearing Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s Phantom (2015) at the New Museum.

Polke Dance: Kenny Schachter in New York (Part 2)

Kenny Schachter is a London-based art dealer, curator, and writer. The opinions expressed here are his own. The first part of Shachter’s Armory Week report is here. On my second day in New York the snow was so heavy that I feared … Read More

Artists Features

Laurie Simmons: Eyes Wide Shut

The artist’s new work ventures closer to the human Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
Razvan Boar, Ass Smile, 2015.

A Truffle Pig Heads for the Piers: Kenny Schachter in New York (Part 1)

Kenny Schachter is a London-based art dealer, curator, and writer. The opinions expressed here are his own. The second part of Schachter’s Armory Week report is here. There should be a rule in art journalism: always lead with Damien Hirst. Hirst is … Read More

Artists News

King of the Road: Wim Wenders in America

“MoMA put me to work,” Wim Wenders recalled recently, not without tenderness, “forty-three years ago to this day.” The stalwart director was referring to the museum’s inaugural New Directors/New Films program from March 7, 1972, which showcased, among a handful … Read More


Retrospective: The State of Japanese Collecting in 1990

And other excerpts from our coverage 100, 75, 50, and 25 years ago Read More

Armory Week 2015 News
Work by Timur Si-Qin at Société Presents.

Bad Weather Be Damned! Cold Collectors Raid Chelsea’s Independent Art Fair

Another snowy, terrible New York City afternoon (a people-watching game to play with younger fairgoers is “snot bubble or tiny septum piercing?”) was no deterrent for a flock of art enthusiasts descending on today’s Independent art fair in Chelsea. Some … Read More

Armory Week 2015
Socratis Socratous's installation, Incarnation  in the Foucs: MENAM Lounge, part of The Breeder, Athens.

A Tour of the Armory Show’s Contemporary Section

As the Armory Show’s first day starts to wrap up, here is a brief tour of our highlights from the Contemporary Section on Pier 94, which boasts 143 exhibitors, including art world celebrity sightings and works by Jonathan Owen, Brad … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
The only thing better than a Bob Thompson is a double-sided Bob Thompson. This is from 1963, titled The Expulsion—note the rather frightening, shadowy figure who appears to wield a large weapon—and is at Detroit's David Klein Gallery.

A Tour of the Armory Show’s Modern Section

The Armory Show has been open for only a few hours, but Champagne bottles are popping with impressive regularity, red dots denoting sales are appearing next to works, and gargantuan croissants are being snapped up at the outpost of Breads Bakery. The Modern section on … Read More


Dustin Yellin: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bookworm

Dustin Yellin has always been into books. His collection includes one owned by Robert Frost in which the poet scribbled a verse, and he has the first English translation of Nostradamus from the 17th century. All this is to say … Read More

Armory Week 2015 Market
Michelangelo Pistoletto, Cordoni (Cords), 2015, at Luhring Augustine.

Velvet Ropes and Mirrors Set the Tone at Elegant ADAA Opening

Some of the worst weather of the winter didn’t keep collectors away from the Seventh Regiment Armory building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side last night for the opening of the ADAA’s annual fair, The Art Show. Raymond Learsy, Martin Margulies, … Read More

Bjork, still from "Black Lake," commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, 2015.COURTESY OF WELLHART AND ONE LITTLE INDIAN

State of Emergency: Biesenbach’s Björk Show Turns MoMA Into Planet Hollywood

One gloomy morning this week at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, I was standing in a snaking, claustrophobic line–the first of many–for the press preview of a retrospective of the Icelandic singer Björk, when a woman with … Read More


True Confessions of a Justified Art Dealer, Part Four: Up All Night in the Dream Factory

I’d been an art dealer in Los Angeles for three years when I decided I’d had enough and got a job working the bar at Hop Louie, a neighborhood establishment in Chinatown. After Sinky, the 72-year-old Chinese bartender, suffered his … Read More