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Artists Retrospective

‘A Tenacious Contributor of Ideas’: David Bowie on His Publishing Company, in 1998

David Bowie, the beloved musician who died yesterday at age 69, is best known for his unabashedly weird pop music, but a little-known piece of the British singer’s biography is that he also tried his hand at art-book publishing. (Another … Read More

Jean Dubuffet, Paysage aux argus, 1955, collage with butterfly. ©PROLITTERIS, ZURICH. COLLECTION FONDATION DUBUFFET, PARIS

‘I Am Convinced Art Has Much to Do with Madness’: Jean Dubuffet Paints a Picture, in 1952

Much to the horror of the art-world elite in 1950s France, Jean Dubuffet’s work had a tendency to look like it was made by an amateur. His paintings, which have chunky surfaces that look either like vomit or shit, feature … Read More

Juwelia with painting. JACK HANLEY/PERADAM

‘I Realize I am a Genius’: Berlin’s Juwelia Makes Her New York Debut

“Probably my whole life is art in a way,” the Berlin-based artist and performer Juwelia said Thursday over e-mail. “It could be that I am an alien, or perhaps a crate of beer—who knows. Everybody can see in me what … Read More


Habitat: Emily Noelle Lambert

Habitat is a weekly series that visits with artists in their workspaces Read More

The facade of Pierogi's current Williamsburg space. COURTESY PIEROGI

Pierogi’s Founding Director On the Williamsburg Gallery’s Move to Manhattan

Pierogi, the Brooklyn gallery that has been in Williamsburg for 21 years, will relocate to the Lower East Side in February. As reported in The New York Times last week, the gallery’s new address will be 155 Suffolk Street, putting … Read More

2015: The Year in Review
Installation view of Yuji Agematsu's '01-01-2014~12-31-2014' (2015), shown at Real Fine Arts in Brooklyn from May 17 through July 26, 2015.COURTESY THE ARTIST AND REAL FINE ARTS

2015: The Year in Review

The Most-Read Articles of 2015 A compendium of the most popular pieces published by ARTnews this year10 Art World Things From 2015 That I Don’t Want to Hear About Anymore Including Marina Abramovic The Year in the Galleries of New York … Read More

2015: The Year in Review
Louise Bourgeois, Maman, 1999.


Inequality Endures: The Price of Being a Female Artist in 2015

An annual overview of how female artists and their work fared over the past year in the marketplace and the broader art world. Here is the 2014 edition.“Is the Pope Catholic?” Marilyn Minter said in response to a 2014 survey querying the existence of gender … Read More

2015: The Year in Review
Installation view of 'The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World' at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.COURTESY MOMA

The Most-Read Articles of 2015

The end of the year has arrived. It is a time for looking back, and for catching up on the books, movies, stories, and albums one missed over the past 12 months. Below are a few suggestions for articles to consider … Read More

2015: The Year in Review
Installation view of 'Kounellis Sturtevant Tiravanija' at Gavin Brown's Enterprise.COURTESY GBE

The Year in the Galleries of New York

Plus, a few items elsewhere in the city and a top 7 list from all over Read More

Artists Retrospective
Ellsworth Kelly, Yellow Relief over Black, 2013, oil on canvas, two joined panels. ©ELLSWORTH KELLY/COURTESY MATTHEW MARKS GALLERY

Converting Painting into Sculpture: William Rubin on Ellsworth Kelly’s Signature Style, in 1963

William Rubin’s 1963 piece on Ellsworth Kelly was first published online on June 19, 2015. To mark Kelly’s death yesterday, at the age of 92, it has been republished. —The EditorsWith four shows at Matthew Marks Gallery, Ellsworth Kelly is having one of the … Read More

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Ellsworth Kelly, Giant of Abstract Painting, Dies at 92

Ellsworth Kelly, who began his influential 70-year career with thrilling advances in abstract painting that he would go on to explore and hone, with rigor and wit, for decades, died yesterday at the age of 92. Matthew Marks, the dealer who … Read More

2015: The Year in Review
Oscar Isaac with a Jackson Pollock painting in Alex Garland's Ex Machina (2015).

Talking Dogs, Kim Kardashian, and Jackson Pollock: How Art Went Mainstream in Pop Culture in 2015

The animated Netflix comedy BoJack Horseman is about an anthropomorphic horse who was once the star of a ’90s family sitcom. He is in love with Diane, a human woman and the ghost writer of his memoir. His rival for her affections is … Read More


From Planes to Brains to Outer Space and Ruscha: Paul Allen’s All-Embracing Aesthetic Fills His Newest Exhibition Space

More than a quarter of the world’s top 200 art collectors maintain their own museums or exhibition spaces, according to ARTnews. Microsoft’s co-founder, Seattle billionaire Paul Allen, is now a member of this elite coterie. After his propitious launch of … Read More

2015: The Year in Review

2015’s Best Conceptual Artwork Is a TV Show on Comedy Central

Over the course of its three season run (it was just renewed for a fourth), the Comedy Central show Nathan For You has established itself as not just one of the most interesting shows on television, but also as a … Read More