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Art Basel 2015
Installation view, with ALZ/AZN, Maybe She's Born With It, and Lapidary Tea Slave, all works 2015.

Unforgettable: Anicka Yi at Kunsthalle Basel

For the past few years Anicka Yi has been making preternaturally original and intriguing sculptures that she conjures from materials like bacteria, snails, honey, and tempura-fried flowers. They can be variously inviting, silly, and monstrous (sometimes all those things at … Read More

Aaliyah Colon, Manhattanville, 2A, 0103, from Project Lives. PUBLISHED BY POWERHOUSEBOOKS/©AALIYAH COLON

Bringing It Home: For ‘Project Lives,’ Public-Housing Residents Pick Up Cameras

Ever wonder whether kids see the same things we do when looking around their environment? From their diminutive physical vantage point and their experiential one as well, things must look different.Well, George Carrano, Chelsea Davis, and Jonathan Fisher wanted to … Read More

Art Basel 2015 Market Previews
Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin and ParisThomas Struth, Vacuum Chamber, JPL, Pasadena, 2013.

Preview Art Basel 2015

The 2015 edition of Art Basel opens Tuesday, June 16, to invited guests. This year’s fair includes a reorganization of the gallery booth layout, with many of those presenting work that dates from 1900 to 1970 grouped together on the lower … Read More

Art of the City Artists
Keith Edmier, Two Hummingbirds with a Pink Orchid, c. 1875-90 (Lc. Michelle Obama Ctrianaei x Lc Mini Purple), 2015.COURTESY THE ARTIST AND PETZEL

Pregnant With Meaning: Keith Edmier on Aphrodite, Handbags, and Al Gore

While visiting a temple dedicated to Minerva Medica in Rome a couple of years ago, the artist Keith Edmier spotted a beehive, and decided to have a closer look. “This is so stupid,” he told me recently, “but I was … Read More

Installation view of H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS. JAMES EWING

Here and Now: Philippe Parreno’s ‘H{N)YPN(Y}OSIS’ Takes Over the Park Avenue Armory

Philippe Parreno’s H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS (pronounced “hypnosis,” just to confuse us all) is bewildering. Staged in the Park Avenue Armory’s massive drill hall, it’s an installation that involves film, sculpture, music, and performance. It takes at least two … Read More

Memoir ,

True Confessions of a Justified Art Dealer Part Six: The Metaphor Delivered

In the summer of 2009, in the middle of a global recession, I opened a show at Rental, my gallery on New York’s Lower East Side, called “Don’t Panic I’m Selling My Collection.” As it turned out, the recession would … Read More

Arcane Kids on the cover of issue 10 of Sex.COURTESY SEX MAGAZINE

No More Sex: Asher Penn on the End of His Online Magazine

For the past three years, each new issue of the online quarterly Sex Magazine has delivered a diverse, and often thrilling, mixture of dispatches from across the more outré sections of the cultural landscape, with in-depth interviews, essays, photos, and the … Read More

Open Sesame: Art Events in New York
Work by Tom of Finland, 1976.


9 Art Events To Attend In New York City This Week

TUESDAY, JUNE 9Opening: “DE/CONSTRUCTING CHINA: Selections from the Asia Society Museum Collection” at Asia Society Museum China has eclipsed the U.S. as the world’s largest trading nation, and this exhibition looks back on the way this success has affected—and how … Read More

Art of the City
Carmen Herrera in her New York studio.JASON SCHMIDT/COURTESY LISSON GALLERY

‘Don’t Be Intimidated About Anything’: Carmen Herrera at 100

One afternoon in late April, the artist Carmen Herrera was sitting in her apartment and studio a few blocks north of Union Square recalling the frequent visits she would make to the Whitney Museum of Art some 70 years ago, … Read More

Artists News
Installation view of "The City Is a Garden."COURTESY 303 GALLERY, NEW YORK

Lo-Fi Pop Glamor: Kim Gordon on Her New Show at 303 Gallery

For someone who, in her recent memoir, asked why Lana Del Rey doesn’t “just off herself,” Kim Gordon is surprisingly soft-spoken, though some of the bad-girl persona that you might expect from the front woman of Sonic Youth remains intact. … Read More

Artists consumer reports
Martine Syms.

Consumer Reports: Martine Syms

Martine Syms is a conceptual entrepreneur based in Los Angeles working in publishing, video, and performance. Her work often looks into the making and reception of meaning in contemporary America. In 2012 she founded the imprint Dominica, whose stated mission … Read More


Forging a Sea of Iron: Yoan Capote Explores the Cuban Obsession with America

“The sea, for me and for a lot of Cubans, was like a wall, more an image of isolation than a beautiful place,” said Yoan Capote. The 38-year-old Havana-based conceptual artist was in New York preparing for his current show … Read More

Dan Graham, Don't Trust Anyone Over 30 (still), 2004, video. COURTESY THE KITCHEN

‘All Art Should Be for Fun’: Dan Graham on His Puppet Rock ‘n’ Roll Performance at The Kitchen

“You don’t want to be 30, man,” one hippie tells another in Dan Graham’s rock ‘n’ roll puppet show Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30. “30 is death.”It was fitting, then, that last night, at The Kitchen, many of the people … Read More


MoMA Staff Protests at the Museum’s ‘Party In the Garden’ Gala

At last night’s annual Party in the Garden gala at the Museum of Modern Art—a major fundraising event for the institution, which this year was in honor of artists Richard Serra and Kara Walker, “with a special salute to David … Read More