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‘Looking at Art In A Tent Is Like Eating Chicken From A Bucket’: A Chat With Benjamin Genocchio, the New Director of The Armory Show

“There’s no reason why New York doesn’t have an outstanding art fair,” said Benjamin Genocchio, who on Thursday was named the new director of the Armory Show. “And I want to find a new model that works in this environment. Basel, they’re … Read More


Vertiginous Pleasures: Caillebotte Retrospective Cements the Painter as a Top-Tier Impressionist, Ahead of His Time

History has treated painter Gustave Caillebotte unkindly. Caillebotte’s art has been underappreciated ever since his death from a stroke in 1894, at the age of 45. For almost eight decades, he was mostly known as a perspicacious art collector who … Read More

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Dorotheum Shatters Records Throughout 2015 [Sponsored]

Dorotheum is responsible for the content of this post.It has been a banner year for Dorotheum, one of Europe’s most prominent auction houses. Auctions across all categories, including fine arts, automobiles, and rare jewels fetched high prices and broke records, catapulting … Read More

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Artnet News Chief Benjamin Genocchio Will Lead the Armory Show

The art-media intrigue continues!There has been much speculation about who would replace former Armory Show director Noah Horowitz, who was hired by Art Basel in July. Today, the Armory Show announced Horowitz’s replacement in the top job at the fair: … Read More

Nicholas Frank "Post Self"  Installation View NICHOLAS FRANK

‘Polite Midwestern Order’: Milwaukee’s Nicholas Frank Talks Perspective, Dementia, and Beer

The genesis of Milwaukee-based artist, curator, and writer Nicholas Frank’s current show “Post Self”—on display now until January 23 at Western Exhibitions in Chicago—comes out of the artist’s relationship with his mother. “It actually all starts from my mom,” Frank … Read More

Pictures at an Exhibition
Jared  Madere, Untitled, 2015, mixed media, installation view. BILL JACOBSON/COURTESY DAVID LEWIS GALLERY, NEW YORK/COLLECTION OF THE ARTIST

Jared Madere at Whitney Museum, Selected by Dawn Kasper

Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday. This week’s shows are selected by Dawn Kasper Read More

Tania Bruguera and Dread Scott at last night's talk. ELENA OLIVO

‘Art Without Permission’: Tania Bruguera and Dread Scott Discuss Art and Activism at the Brooklyn Museum

Dread Scott has the distinction of being one of the few artists to have had his work denounced by a United States president. In 1989, when he was an undergraduate student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, … Read More


The Living Dead: Why Are Curators Putting Deceased Artists in Contemporary Art Shows?

The peculiar appearance of Forrest Bess, the “pseudo-hermaphrodite” painter, at the 2012 Whitney Biennial still stands out in my memory. The eleven paintings were vivid and haunting, and his story of genital self-surgery, with accompanying photo-documentation, was even harder to … Read More

Art of the City Reviews
A map of Manhattan and Brooklyn from 1890.WIKIMEDIA

The Road Less Traveled: A Few Reviews From Slightly Out-of-the-Way Galleries

Matthew Langan-Peck at Svetlana, Sven Loven at Jeffrey Stark, ‘The Home Show,’ ‘NO DICE (1)’ at Kimberly-Klark, U.S. Blues Read More

Installation view of 'Jean Tinguely,' 2015, at Gladstone Gallery, New York. DAVID REGEN/COURTESY GLADSTONE GALLERY, NEW YORK AND BRUSSELS

‘Perfectionism Is All Too Human’: Matthew Weinstein on Cary Smith and Jean Tinguely

It’s generally accepted that improvisation signifies humanness and, conversely, that perfectionism signifies its repression. But perfectionism is all too human. Perfectionism carries with it the inevitable defeat inherent in the striving for ideals. It can be an expression of humility … Read More

Installation view of Olivier Mosset's one-person show at Kunsthalle Zürich at Museum Bärengasse.KUNSTHALLE ZURICH

Olivier Mosset on Working for Jean Tinguely

Olivier Mosset worked for Jean Tinguely when he was very young. A longtime fan of Mosset, I e-mailed him to ask him why he gravitated toward Tinguely at such a young age. What did Tinguely represent to him at that … Read More


A Weather-Controlled Synthesizer, Courtesy Robert Rauschenberg

As the sun went down one evening this past autumn, the New Orleans musician Quintron performed an improvisational set inside of Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn alongside a number of other musicians. The jam was centered around an unlikely bandleader: … Read More

Peepers, 2015.


‘I’m Always Trying to Create The Illusion of Chaos’: Ryan McGinley On His ‘Winter’ and ‘Fall’ Shows at Team Gallery

Is there a photographer alive today whose work is more totemic than Ryan McGinley’s? The perennially young photographer—he’s only 38, and looks about ten years younger than that—has spent the past fifteen years building one of the most influential careers … Read More


Precarious Immortality: William S. Burroughs on Film

Few humans maintained a courtship with death as intimate and prolonged as that of William S. Burroughs. Despite a decades-long addiction to heroin, numerous run-ins with the law, and an unabashed love of gunplay, the author of Naked Lunch (1959) … Read More