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Art Basel 2015
"Hands are weird aren't they?" is not a thing that Tino Sehgal said to Tina Brown.

Strange Situation: Tino Sehgal, Enemy of Purchasing Objects, Talks With Tina Brown at a Dinner for Credit Suisse in Basel

Tino Sehgal once claimed that he had not bought anything in over a year, and that was only because his girlfriend thought their apartment should have some curtains. His works exist only in his head and in their execution, they … Read More

Art Basel 2015
Sarah Charlesworth photographs and Danny McDonald sculptures make for a surprisingly wonderful pairing at Maccarone—objects take on strange, charged new meanings in their hands.

Best in Show: Highlights at Art Basel

Yes, there are a lot of things to dislike about art fairs. There are the crowds, the lines, the expense—one salad in the VIP lounge at Art Basel, which opened today, costs 45 Swiss francs, or about $48 (it includes edible flowers). And yet, one gets to see a breathtaking array of … Read More

Art Basel 2015 Market
The central courtyard at Art Basel, which is rich with sausage stands.PHOTOS: ANDREW RUSSETH/ARTNEWS

A Cheek-Pinching DiCaprio and a $4.5 M. John Currin Painting: It’s the Opening of Art Basel 2015

It has been a rainy and cloudy couple of days in Basel, Switzerland, but that did not seem to keep away the crowds this morning who arrived bright and early, at 9:30 a.m., for the Champagne breakfast that opens the Art Basel … Read More


Black Magic: Tony Oursler On His Upcoming LUMA Exhibition

“He was into a lot of stuff,” said Tony Oursler one recent afternoon. He was referring to infamous British occultist Aleister Crowley, but he was also standing in the middle of his own stuff-filled Lower East Side studio. In addition … Read More

Art Basel 2015 Market
A work by David Shrigley that invites visitors to draw.

Unlimited, Art Basel’s Section for Gargantuan Artworks, By the Numbers

Yesterday afternoon, Art Basel’s Unlimited section, which is devoted predominantly to works that are too large or cumbersome for typical art fair booths, opened to the public. The conceit is both awesome and a little sad: “Here’s a bunch of huge work!” The quality, of course, varies dramatically, … Read More

Art Basel 2015
The Paris outfit High Art has a bounty of insane constructions by Max Hooper Schneider. This one pairs a wedding cake with leeches. Prospective buyers were told that they would need to feed the leeches about once every six months. If they should die, though, no matter: just buy fresh ones and drop them in.

A Look Around Liste

Liste, Basel’s fair for emerging galleries and artists, opened its 20th anniversary edition this morning in the rain, but that did not keep away the crowds, which came to see work from 79 galleries hailing from 31 countries. The quality is high and there … Read More

Open Sesame: Art Events in New York


9 Art Events To Attend In New York City This Week

TUESDAY, JUNE 16Opening: “Facing East: Chinese Urbanism in Africa” at Storefront for Art and ArchitectureDid you know that China’s architectural influence is on the rise in Africa? Journalist Michiel Hulshof and architect Daan Roggeveen have created an exhibition that explores … Read More


‘I Can Entertain the Idea That My Moral Compass Is a Little Off’: A Talk With Piotr Uklanski

A survey of Piotr Uklański’s work runs through August 16 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. A concurrent show he curated from the Met’s collection closed June 14.Bill Powers: Eastman Kodak’s The Joy of Photography was published … Read More

Art Basel 2015
Installation view, with ALZ/AZN, Maybe She's Born With It, and Lapidary Tea Slave, all works 2015.

Unforgettable: Anicka Yi at Kunsthalle Basel

For the past few years Anicka Yi has been making preternaturally original and intriguing sculptures that she conjures from materials like bacteria, snails, honey, and tempura-fried flowers. They can be variously inviting, silly, and monstrous (sometimes all those things at … Read More

Aaliyah Colon, Manhattanville, 2A, 0103, from Project Lives. PUBLISHED BY POWERHOUSEBOOKS/©AALIYAH COLON

Bringing It Home: For ‘Project Lives,’ Public-Housing Residents Pick Up Cameras

Ever wonder whether kids see the same things we do when looking around their environment? From their diminutive physical vantage point and their experiential one as well, things must look different.Well, George Carrano, Chelsea Davis, and Jonathan Fisher wanted to … Read More

Art Basel 2015 Market Previews
Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin and ParisThomas Struth, Vacuum Chamber, JPL, Pasadena, 2013.

Preview Art Basel 2015

The 2015 edition of Art Basel opens Tuesday, June 16, to invited guests. This year’s fair includes a reorganization of the gallery booth layout, with many of those presenting work that dates from 1900 to 1970 grouped together on the lower … Read More

Art of the City Artists
Keith Edmier, Two Hummingbirds with a Pink Orchid, c. 1875-90 (Lc. Michelle Obama Ctrianaei x Lc Mini Purple), 2015.COURTESY THE ARTIST AND PETZEL

Pregnant With Meaning: Keith Edmier on Aphrodite, Handbags, and Al Gore

While visiting a temple dedicated to Minerva Medica in Rome a couple of years ago, the artist Keith Edmier spotted a beehive, and decided to have a closer look. “This is so stupid,” he told me recently, “but I was … Read More

Installation view of H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS. JAMES EWING

Here and Now: Philippe Parreno’s ‘H{N)YPN(Y}OSIS’ Takes Over the Park Avenue Armory

Philippe Parreno’s H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS (pronounced “hypnosis,” just to confuse us all) is bewildering. Staged in the Park Avenue Armory’s massive drill hall, it’s an installation that involves film, sculpture, music, and performance. It takes at least two … Read More

Memoir ,

True Confessions of a Justified Art Dealer Part Six: The Metaphor Delivered

In the summer of 2009, in the middle of a global recession, I opened a show at Rental, my gallery on New York’s Lower East Side, called “Don’t Panic I’m Selling My Collection.” As it turned out, the recession would … Read More