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Graffiti for a Homeland set in Berlin.


Morning Links: ‘Homeland’ Graffiti Edition

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Katherine Bernhardt's Jungle Junk (Laptops, Apple Computers, Headphones, Telephones, Cigarettes, Toilet Paper, Plantains, and Bananas), 2015. 


Morning Links: Bad-Boy Women Artists Edition

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Artists News

New York Botanical Garden Is Re-Creating Frida Kahlo’s Studio

The New York Botanical Garden is organizing a solo show of work by Frida Kahlo, focusing on her use of flora in her paintings, which will include a re-creation of her garden and studio at the Casa Azul in Mexico. … Read More


Saving Frida Kahlo From Her Own Celebrity

Scholars and artists are trying to reclaim Kahlo’s art from the cult of personality that has surrounded her since her death. A new exhibition at the MCA in Chicago aims to put the emphasis back on her painting by placing it in the context of work being made today Read More

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10 Must-See Museum Photo Shows of Spring 2014

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News Web Exclusive
Divya Mehra, Still from On Tragedy (Did you hear the one about the Indian?), 2012.

Remixing Romare Bearden

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