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Laurie Anderson, Habeas Corpus, 2015. PHOTO: JAMES EWING

Prison Break: Laurie Anderson on Projecting a Former Guantanamo Detainee Into the Park Avenue Armory

‘Habeas Corpus’ is the closest former Guantanamo detainee Mohamed el-Gharani will ever get to visiting America Read More


Curators Tend to Make Around $150,000 A Year for Major Shows

In a story out today, The Art Newspaper reports that Germano Celant’s eyebrow-raising $1 million fee for his upcoming work on Milan Expo 2015 is not standard for curators of major shows like the expo, Documenta, or the Venice Biennale. … Read More


Young British Artist Hits Middle Age: Catching up with Marc Quinn

Ever since he sculpted a self-portrait out of his own frozen blood, Marc Quinn has enthralled the public, annoyed many critics, and been embraced by collectors. The quintessential Young British Artist is now middle-aged, but still notorious Read More

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Vision Quest: Exploring the Venice Biennale

A channel-changing exhibition about imagination headlines a convergence of art from 88 countries Read More

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A Gallery of Venice Biennale Artists

Converging on Venice from Iraq, Iceland, Azerbaijan, and beyond, they came, they showed—and they posed for photos Read More