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Open Sesame: Art Events in New York
A promotional image for Alex Bag's The Van (Redux)*. COURTESY TEAM GALLERY, NEW YORK

9 Art Events to Attend in New York City This Week

A guide to the next seven days Read More

Installation view of 'Jean Tinguely,' 2015, at Gladstone Gallery, New York. DAVID REGEN/COURTESY GLADSTONE GALLERY, NEW YORK AND BRUSSELS

‘Perfectionism Is All Too Human’: Matthew Weinstein on Cary Smith and Jean Tinguely

It’s generally accepted that improvisation signifies humanness and, conversely, that perfectionism signifies its repression. But perfectionism is all too human. Perfectionism carries with it the inevitable defeat inherent in the striving for ideals. It can be an expression of humility … Read More

Open Sesame: Art Events in New York

9 Art Events To Attend In New York City This Week

A guide to the next seven days Read More

Art of the City

Solo Shows: The Curious Magic of One-Work Exhibitions

The history of the empty gallery show is by now widely known. The bare rooms and closed spaces of Yves Klein, Robert Barry, Art & Language, Maria Eichhorn, and many other artists are ensconced in art history books and, in … Read More


Morning Links: Foreign British Museum Director Edition

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Picabia Alert
Portrait de femme, 1942,
mixed media on canvas, 18 x 15 in.

Picabia Alert #3: A Trio of Picabias in Gladstone’s ‘Beautiful Monsters’

“Picabia Alert” is a recurring feature that takes note of shows that feature work by the wily French artist Francis Picabia (1879–1953). Its aim is to sate Picabia appetites until his retrospective opens in 2016 at the Kunsthaus Zurich and New York’s Museum of … Read More

On View
Allora & Calzadilla at Galdstone Gallery

Sick Burns at Barbara Gladstone

One twelve-year-old boy sings to another, “I’ll be sure to use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand, you warthog-faced buffoon.”The other pauses, puffs up his cherubic cheeks, and sweetly sing-retorts, “Talking to you makes me think that … Read More


How the Art of Social Practice Is Changing the World, One Row House at a Time

Social practice is going mainstream as more artists focus their work on making an impact on problems like homelessness and pollution. But the question of how to judge activist art remains elusive
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Jim Hodges: Under the Denim Sky

Jim Hodges mines the symbolic and esthetic potential of ordinary materials through his light-handed approach to collage Read More


The Golden Age of Abstraction: Right Now

Riffing on the past as it comments on our own time, contemporary abstraction evokes landscapes, bodies, signs, buildings, and much more Read More

News Web Exclusive
Judgement, 2008
Modified computer game, custom computer

(More) Old Masters of Our Domain

Riffs on the classics, part 2: from Artschwager’s altarpiece to Kanye’s hoodie Read More

News Web Exclusive
Evelyn Alcide, Séisme (Earthquake), 2010, beads, thread, polyester. 41 x 50 inches.

Fall Season: What a Disaster

The art of the apocalypse: exhibitions across the country address catastrophes from the destruction of Pompeii to the earthquake in Haiti Read More

ARTnewsletter ARTnewsletter Archive Market
Boetti's embroidery Tutto, 1988, sold for $2.1 million at Christie's Italian art sale last month

Uncommon Threads

Boetti Tapestry Takes $2M at London Auction Read More


You Had to Be There

More and more artworks exist not as objects but as ephemeral events—a conversation, a thunderclap, a slow-motion kiss—that insist viewers take part. Read More