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MoMA Staffers Will Vote on New Union Contract Next Week

Friday morning, representatives from Local 2110 announced to staff members at the Museum of Modern Art that belong to the union that a “tentative agreement” has been reached with the institution in the staff’s ongoing contract negotiations. A new contract … Read More

Union protest in front of MoMA, photographed by MoMA fellow and curator Magda Moskalewicz.


MoMA Employees Hand-Deliver Letter of Protest To Glenn Lowry’s Office Days Before Union Negotiation Deadline

Wednesday morning, approximately 100 staff members at the Museum of Modern Art belonging to the local 2110 union–who previously staged a protest at the institution’s “Party in the Garden” gala over cuts to its benefits during contract negotiations–went to the office of … Read More

Thompson's starting point, the New Museum.


Morning Links: ‘Eventually they introduced me’ Edition

One Hyperallergic writer’s experience following Luke Willis Thompson out of the New Museum as part of his twice-daily performance piece Eventually they introduced me to the people I immediately recognised as those who would take me out anyway for the New … Read More


Paula Hayes: Growing Power

Creating tabletop terrariums, residential gardens, immersive environments, and a 240-gallon glowing aquarium brimming with sea ­­­creatures, Paula Hayes considers herself a maker of living artworks Read More


MoMA’s Problematic Provenances

Behind a lawsuit brought against the Museum of Modern Art by the heirs of George Grosz lies a troubling history of acquiring works seized by the Nazis and sold to support the German war effort Read More

Performers wearing costumes crocheted by the artist Olek wordlessly interact with crowds at a mini "Bushwick Art Park" installed on the Bowery as part of the New Museum's Festival of Ideas.  MAGGIE LEE

It’s Not Just a Museum, It’s a Think Tank

Art museums are recruiting experts from outside the art world to address problems in the real world. Read More


Where Pharaohs Meet Mad Max

Raw brutalism and gritty humor underlie Huma Bhabha's antiheroic monuments. Read More


Reshaping the Art Museum

Confronted with urgent demographic realities, art-museum directors are drawing on game theory, interactive technology, and a host of other new strategies to help people feel welcome, engaged, and emotionally fulfilled. Read More


Making Art Speak

Three museum directors discuss the challenges, thrills, frustrations, and future of their profession. Three museum directors discuss the challenges, thrills, frustrations, and future of their profession Read More


Modernizing the Modern

Creating a balance between modern art and contemporary art was just one of the challenges confronting MoMA’s staff, which used the museum’s latest expansion as the occasion for soul-searching about what the museum has been, what it is, and what it wants to be. Read More

The roof of the MoMA QNS, where a stapler-shaped neon sign used to flash “Easy Loading” on top of the former Swingline factory. ERIC VAN DEN BRULLE

MoMA Makes Its Move

The Demoiselles d’Avignon and a host of other masterpieces take up residence in Queens. Read More