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Precarious Immortality: William S. Burroughs on Film

Few humans maintained a courtship with death as intimate and prolonged as that of William S. Burroughs. Despite a decades-long addiction to heroin, numerous run-ins with the law, and an unabashed love of gunplay, the author of Naked Lunch (1959) … Read More

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Einstein on the Beach, an opera by Robert Wilson and Philip Glass, performed in 2012.©LUCIE JANSCH

Waiting for Bob: In Which Robert Wilson Has a Busy Day

The plan was that, on a Wednesday morning in July, I would take the bus to Southampton, New York, where a publicist would pick me up and drive me to the Watermill Center about five minutes down the road. There … Read More

Edvard Munch's The Scream (1893). 


Morning Links: Edvard Munch Edition

The Edvard Munch Award is set to return after a hiatus of nearly a decade. [The Art Newspaper]Musée Maillol in Paris shuts its doors indefinitely on its 20th birthday, due to falling attendance and rising debts. [The Art Newspaper]A Yoko … Read More

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Insider’s Guide to the Deer-Hunting, Pig-Farming, Mushroom-Foraging Hickster Artists of the Catskills

Meet the creative personalities who have moved to Upstate New York to re-think, unlearn, shoot game, and make art out of it
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Shades of Gris

In Jim Jarmusch's new film, four Spanish paintings play as much of a role as the actors do. Read More