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Clear History: Boris Groys Tackles Art in the Age of the Internet

Boris Groys’s latest book of essays, In the Flow (Verso Books), has been marketed as being about art on the Internet. This is deceptive. For one thing, Groys’s definition of “art on the Internet” refers not to net art, digital … Read More


Virtually Artificial Communities: Around London

On shows at the Zabludowicz Collection, FILET, SPACE, Chisenhale, Brewer Street Car Park, and Tramway Read More


Image Processors: Networks, the Internet, and Pictures at ‘Co-Workers’ in Paris

For Nøne Futbol Club’s Work nº2B: La tonsure (after Marcel Duchamp), 2015, the French artist duo convinced retired soccer star Djibril Cissé, famous online for his coifs—an electric-blue landing strip, a mohawk tied into little bobbles, a bleached buzz cut … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2015 News
At the opening of NADA.

‘Did I Sell It?’: Frenzied Collectors Storm Opening of NADA

The New Art Dealers Alliance fair, which opened Thursday morning to VIP collectors, is the much more modest counterpart to the behemoth that is Art Basel Miami Beach, but it is not immune to displays of outlandish wealth. For instance, … Read More

Still from the "Sticky Drama" video. YOUTUBE

Watch Jon Rafman And Daniel Lopatin’s New Video for Oneothrix Point Never

The artists Jon Rafman and Daniel Lopatin have co-directed a music video for the song “Sticky Drama” by Loptain’s electronic music project, Oneohtrix Point Never, released today by Warp Records.Instead of actually describing the action–packed video—which is chock-full of very … Read More

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 Artists Market
A NADA visitor using the Oculus Rift headset.

Jon Rafman Had a Great Virtual Reality Piece at NADA

Earlier this week, on the 11th floor of the Deauville hotel, home to the NADA art fair in Miami, virtual reality system to recreate and deconstruct that very room. You experience the piece from the balcony. You’re told to stand … Read More

News Web Exclusive

A Psychedelic, Futuristic, Sometimes Demented Film Festival in Brooklyn

Featuring everyone from Ryan Trecartin to Sandra Bernhard to Merce Cunningham, BAM’s Migrating Forms festival unites the cutting edge in art and film Read More


The New World of Net Art

Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, and other platforms are the jumping-off point for artists who blur the line between the virtual and the real Read More