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Pictures at an Exhibition
Keith Edmier, 'Edison Impluvium,' 2015 Installation view. COURTESY THE ARTIST, BOB RAUSCHENBERG GALLERY, AND PETZEL, NEW YORK

‘Keith Edmier: Edison Impluvium’ at Bob Rauschenberg Gallery

Pictures at an Exhibition presents images of one notable show every weekday Read More

Art of the City Artists
Keith Edmier, Two Hummingbirds with a Pink Orchid, c. 1875-90 (Lc. Michelle Obama Ctrianaei x Lc Mini Purple), 2015.COURTESY THE ARTIST AND PETZEL

Pregnant With Meaning: Keith Edmier on Aphrodite, Handbags, and Al Gore

While visiting a temple dedicated to Minerva Medica in Rome a couple of years ago, the artist Keith Edmier spotted a beehive, and decided to have a closer look. “This is so stupid,” he told me recently, “but I was … Read More


In Your Face

Portraiture has become increasingly conceptual as it addresses not only personal identity but also issues of politics, social inequity, and our obsession with celebrity. Read More