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Frieze Los Angeles 2019 Market News

‘This Is Improv from the Heart’: Kenny Schachter, Joel Mesler Release Trailer for Show at Felix LA

Auctions Market News

In Season-Starting Sales, Auctionata Aims for ‘Broader Audience’

Auctions Market News

Killed Deals, Crashing Markets, Flailing Flippers: What Does It All Mean? Kenny Schachter on the Summer Past and the Season Ahead

Armory Week 2015 Market

Polke Dance: Kenny Schachter in New York (Part 2)

Armory Week 2015 Market

A Truffle Pig Heads for the Piers: Kenny Schachter in New York (Part 1)


‘I Coulda Been a Contender’: Kenny Schachter on L.A. Wildcatters, a Davos Doomsayer, the London Auctions, and the Future of the Art Market

2014: The Year in Review News

It’s Snowing Art Advisers: Kenny Schachter’s Best of 2014, and Predictions for 2015