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Kulik’s photo of a dead Chechen terrorist, Madonna and Child (detail of Bus Stop), 2005, from “Russia 2.” COURTESY GUELMAN GALLERY, MOSCOW

Provocateurs, Ghosts, Accomplices, and Starz

Whether the first Moscow Biennale accomplished its aims—to legitimize contemporary art in Russia and to thrust contemporary Russian art onto the international stage—is debatable, but it was certainly the most important art event in the city in many years. Read More

Vandals sprayed “Vermin” and “Scum, you are devils” over works by Alisa Zrazhevskaya and Alexander Dorokhov at the Sakharov Museum. COURTESY SAKHAROV MUSEUM AND PUBLIC CENTER, MOSCOW

‘Orthodox Bulldozer’

Artists whose works deal with religious themes are reviled by the Russian Orthodox Church, while the vandals who destroy their works are hailed as martyrs. Read More