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London Art Pitch
T.A.G.'s Crystal Catalyst Long Sleeve Top.COURTESY THE ARTIST

Why London? Four Expats—Artist, Curator, Gallerist, Scholar—on Working in the British Capital

London Art Pitch is a monthly column by Jamie Sterns, a New York curator and writer attending school in the British capital.London. Say the word, and many things come to mind: bad weather, double-decker buses, fish and chips, his and … Read More

News The Talent
An installation view of 'The Stuff That Matters: Textiles Collected by Seth Siegelaub for the CSROT' at Raven Row in 2012.MARCUS J. LEITH/COURTESY RAVEN ROW

Whitechapel Names Raven Row’s Alex Sainsbury Board Chair

Alex Sainsbury, the founder of the closely watched nonprofit London art center Raven Row, has been tapped by the city’s Whitechapel Gallery to chair its board of trustees. He will take the place of Robert Taylor, who served from 2005 to … Read More

2014: The Year in Review News
Installation view of Korakrit Arunanondchai, 2557 (Painting with history in a room filled with men with funny names 2), 2014, at Carlos Ishikawa.COURTESY THE ARTIST AND CARLOS ISHIKAWA

It’s Snowing Art Advisers: Kenny Schachter’s Best of 2014, and Predictions for 2015

Kenny Schachter is a London-based art dealer, curator, and writer. The opinions expressed here are his own. The Best of London in 2014 Let us put aside the oodles of money, the stupefying levels of celebrity worship and the trend … Read More

Profiles Reviews
Visitors could walk through the partly disassembled Gulf Stream camper featured in the installation Quiver of Arrows at 303 Gallery in New York last year.

Britain’s Curator of Garbage

Mike Nelson’s multiroom installations hint at marginal lives and fallen ideologies. Read More