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Simon Fujiwara "Studio Pietà (King Kong Komplex)" (2013) Install Shot, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York.

Simon Fujiwara and Samara Golden Win Inaugural Mistake Room Artist Prizes

The winners of the first annual prize doled out by Los Angeles independent exhibition space The Mistake Room (this space itself has only been active for just over a year) were announced today. The two prizes, TMR International Artist Prize … Read More

Simcho Che.

‘I Coulda Been a Contender’: Kenny Schachter on L.A. Wildcatters, a Davos Doomsayer, the London Auctions, and the Future of the Art Market

Kenny Schachter is a London-based art dealer, curator, and writer. The opinions expressed here are his own. I am convinced that the art market is in an extended bull run the likes of which have never been seen before. Sure, … Read More

Dieter Roth, Staple Cheese, A Race, 1970.COURTESY THE EUGENIA P. BUTLER ESTATE

That Time James Lee Byars Built a Wall Around the Office of His Los Angeles Dealer, Eugenia Butler

Writer Matt Stromberg just published a profile of the storied Los Angeles art dealer Eugenia Butler on KCET’s Artbound website, and I highly recommend giving it a read. Butler, who worked early on with the dealer Virginia Dwan, ran an eponymous … Read More

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Hollywood: L.A.’s Next Art Frontier

In October 2013, Esther Kim Varet, director of the Venice Beach–based gallery Various Small Fires, placed a bid on 812 North Highland Avenue in Hollywood, a more than 5,000-square-foot lot containing a temple-like Art Deco edifice. The listing had gone … Read More


Ruben Ochoa’s Concrete Poetry

Mirage and illusion, drywall and rebar play equal parts in constructions that expose the functional and the dysfunctional in Southern California’s urban landscape Read More


Star Noir

Weegee goes to Hollywood Read More

Looking at Art

Wrestling with ‘Wrestlers’

Deaccessioned twice and the subject of multiple interpretations, a provocative Eakins sporting picture takes its place in a new collection and a new show. Read More


Clothes Connections

Shinique Smith transforms piles of garments destined for export into eye– and thought–provoking installations. Read More