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Superstorm Sandy Creates Paradigm Shift for Insurers

The impact from Sandy includes changes in practices and prices for the art-insurance industry and its clients Read More


The Case of the Escaped Spirit

Artworks are damaged in ways you would never imagine—careless movers, overenthusiastic cleaning persons, neurotic pets. And then there was the broken Joseph Cornell box. Read More



Most collectors think of their homes as sanctuaries for art, but danger lurks. Along with the obvious culprits, like fire and water, light is also a big threat, and the damage it can cause is irreversible. Even certain framing methods … Read More



Two art collectors with important works on paper left their living–room blinds open during an extended summer vacation. It was a decision they lived to regret. What happened reads like a third–grade science experiment. First, water seeped into the wall … Read More