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How to Buy in 2009

Experts explain where the values are—and what to avoid—in the current market. Read More


Are Museum Trustees Out of Step?

For all the talk about educating museum directors in the new challenges of the job, many say board members could use some training as well. Read More


The Top Ten

'The Ship Sails On'. Read More

After The Scream was stolen from the Munch Museum, this reproduction appeared at the Guggenheim—as part of a 2006 campaign launching dark chocolate M&M’s. A reward of 2 million M&M’s was offered for the picture’s recovery.

‘The Scream,’ the Thief, and the 2 Million M&M’s

Stolen masterpieces are priceless and worthless at the same time—they’re too hot to sell, and have limited use as collateral. But one criminal tried to use them to sweeten his sentence. Read More


55,000 Signatures and Counting

Starting with the Old Masters and continuing through the present, John Castagno has documented signatures, monograms, and initials—most of them readable, some of them strange or illegible—and published them in ten books. Read More


Top Ten ARTnews Stories: A Modernist Manifesto

In "The Liberating Quality of Avant-Garde Art," Meyer Schapiro explained why abstraction in painting and sculpture was so revolutionary. Three decades later, he finally consented to sit for a lengthy profile. Read More


Top Ten ARTnews Stories: Making a Difference

It began with Andrew Decker’s article on Austria’s halfhearted attempts to return thousands of artworks stolen from Holocaust victims. Our coverage has influenced cultural policy and helped make war loot a major international issue. Read More

Features The 200 Top Collectors

The 2007 Top 10 Collectors

‘The Offer-You-Can’t-Refuse Market’ Read More

Features The 200 Top Collectors

The 2006 Top 10 Collectors

“Collectors are suffering from cognitive dissonance,” said Stephen A. Wynn, the Las Vegas casino mogul and one of the world’s top art collectors. “They’re struggling intellectually. They know that their paintings are worth more than they paid for them and … Read More


‘Fools, Show-offs, and Trophy Hunters’

The art thieves in western Europe, says one expert, are mainly the Balkan Bandits. Read More


The 10 Most Faked Artists

Back in 1940 Newsweek reported that out of 2,500 paintings produced by Corot, 7,800 were in the United States. In 1953 ARTnewsstated that there was a “saying in France that Corot painted 2,000 canvases, 5,000 of which are in America.”In … Read More


Making Art Speak

Three museum directors discuss the challenges, thrills, frustrations, and future of their profession. Three museum directors discuss the challenges, thrills, frustrations, and future of their profession Read More

Features The 200 Top Collectors

The 2004 Top Ten Collectors

A top collector should have three things, says a knowledgeable observer of the things top collectors should have: 1. Deep pockets. 2. Big closets. 3. No memory. Deep pockets? Big closets? That’s easy. How come no memory?“Say, for example, that … Read More


The Sweetest Pears

A $5 garage-sale find turned out to be the real thing Read More