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Mishka Henner, Staphorst Ammunition Depot, 2011, archival pigment print. COURTESY THE ARTIST

The Man Who Laughed at Surveillance Technology: Mishka Henner on His Jarring Images About Images

The scariest thing about Mishka Henner’s “Feedlots” photographs is that they are so beautiful. In one photograph from the series, a pool of bright red swirls interrupts a field of greyish boxes. The closer you look, the more you begin to … Read More


Building Pictures

Working everywhere from Photoshop to the woodshop, a growing number of photographers shoot, appropriate, manipulate, print, paint, and sculpt their works, making objects that stretch the traditional definition of the medium. Read More


Lights, Action, Camera!

Taking its cue from movie directors, a generation of photographers is creating staged pictures to depict suburban nightmares, adolescent fantasies, and futuristic daydreams. Read More