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Paul’s Pile Of Papers: Paul Bright On His Paper Rad Collection And Forthcoming Book

To see zoomable versions of the images in this post, please click on them.The East Coast art collective Paper Rad existed for less than a decade, from very roughly 2001 to 2008, but in that short amount of time it … Read More

Artists consumer reports
Jacob Ciocci

Consumer Reports: Jacob Ciocci

“Consumer Reports” is a recurring feature that profiles an artist’s consumption of any and all media throughout one work week. Jacob Ciocci is an artist based in Brooklyn and North Braddock, Pennsylvania, whose performances, videos, and paintings reimagine and reconfigure contemporary … Read More


Comic Relief

The boundary between fine art and graphic novels has grown increasingly porous Read More


All the Web’s a Stage

Performance art, gallery openings, Dumpster-diving for junk to turn into art—all of it is happening in an online world populated by computer-generated beings called avatars. Read More