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Armory Week 2015 News
Andrew Ohanesian at the Pierogi Gallery booth.

Feelin’ Lucky? Andrew Ohanesian Gambles At The Armory

At the front of Pierogi Gallery’s Armory Show booth rests two large Vegas-style slot machines, plugged in and ready for play. These readymades are the work of the artist Andrew Ohanesian, who at last year’s fair displayed a paper towel … Read More


Mark Reynolds: Rational Art About Irrational Numbers

Mark Reynolds makes kaleidoscopic drawings that explore ratios, musical chords, and space itself Read More


­­Pink and Red and NASCAR Too

Serendipity and an eye for the playful and incongruous animate Diana Cooper’s art, which links mind and matter, sports and science, music and literature, and everything else Read More


Through a Lens, Darkly

The hyperrealistic dioramas of Patrick Jacobs Read More