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Pyongyang propaganda poster.


Morning Links: North Korean Propaganda Edition

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First issue of Artenol.

Morning Links: Artenol Edition

The painting Saul and David has been reattributed to Rembrandt. It was thought to be his work until 1969, when it was dismissed as the work of a follower. [The Art Newspaper]The Chrysler Museum of Art’s chief curator, Jeff Harrison, … Read More


Remastering the Old Masters

How curator Keith Christiansen succeeded in giving the Met’s European paintings galleries a fresh new look Read More

Looking at Art

Why Anthony Caro Broke the Rules

Sculptor Anthony Caro delighted in instigating huge challenges for himself Read More


Sophie Calle: Remembrance of Gardner Paintings Lost

An evocative project about the presence of absence at a museum whose beloved Old Masters disappeared in a notorious heist Read More


Royal Flourish: A New Look at the Queen’s Collection

The curators of the trove of masterpieces owned by the Queen of England are working to devise new and exciting ways to display them Read More


The Color That Wasn’t a Color

In art, black was never basic Read More

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Rembrandt's 1630 self-portrait, stolen from the National Museum of Stockholm in 2000 and recovered five years later.  ©NATIONALMUSEUM, STOCKHOLM/BRIDGEMAN ART LIBRARY

How Rembrandts Were Stolen 81 Times

Art meets crime in a new book on Rembrandt heists. Read More

Looking at Art
Anselm Kiefer's installation La Berceuse (for Van Gogh), 2010, was in a room devoted to Rembrandt's The Night Watch, 1642.  MYRA MAY

Kiefer on Night Watch

The German artist does Rembrandt, by way of van Gogh. Read More


Standing By His Bid—Unless He Sat

Norton Simon's secret bidding signals were so convoluted that they often worked against him. Read More

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The subject of Young Woman Sleeping, ca. 1654, is Hendrickje Stoffels, Rembrandt’s common-law wife. ©THE TRUSTEES OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM

Reading Rembrandt’s Shorthand

Rembrandt Drawings
By Seymour Slive
Getty Publications, 260 pages, $49.95 Read More


Fighting for Their Rights

The modernist masterpieces of Sergei Shchukin and Ivan Morozov were nationalized by the Bolsheviks and are now on view in a celebrated and controversial exhibition at London’s Royal Academy. The heirs’ efforts to compel the Russian state to provide them with “reasonable compensation” has become an international legal and political issue. Read More


Rembrandt: Myth, Legend, Truth

Some have called him vulgar, ignorant, and greedy. To others he has been the ultimate misunderstood genius. He has represented the bohemian, the liberal, the Romantic, and the revolutionary. Beginning in his lifetime and ongoing as we celebrate his 400th birthday, opinions and beliefs about Rembrandt have changed with the centuries. Read More

UNDERRATED Judy Pfaff, Ziggurat (detail), 1981. Although she was awarded a MacArthur grant, Pfaff is still not given her due. COURTESY THE ARTIST AND AMERINGER & YOHE FINE ART, NEW YORK


Which artists have been overlooked? And which have we been looking at too much?. Read More