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The Skystone Foundation, Which Oversees Turrell’s Roden Crater, Taps Yvette Y. Lee to Be Director

The Skystone Foundation, the nonprofit organization responsible for supporting and administering artist James Turrell’s famed Roden Crater in Arizona, announced the appointment of Yvette Y. Lee to the newly established position of executive director. Lee previously served as senior project manager … Read More


James Turrell Allowing Limited Visitors to Roden Crater for $6,500 a Person

On May 14, 15, 16, and 17 this year, the Roden Crater, artist James Turrell’s unfinished but still legendary piece of land art in the Arizona desert, will be open to a select group of people for a fundraising event–meant … Read More


‘It’s Not About Light—It Is Light’

Three major museum shows provide an unprecedented chance to assess the optical, intangible, and mesmerizing art of James Turrell Read More

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James Turrell, Rendering of installation for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 2012, Artificial and natural light. RENDERING CREATED BY ANDREAS TJELDFLAAT.

Light at the End of the Turrell

In a three-part retrospective that spans the country, James Turrell will transform museum spaces with works composed of spatially disorienting ambient light Read More

Aleksandra Mir’s “spoof on Earth Art and art history” transformed a Dutch beach into a lunar landscape of hills and craters for a day in l999. COURTESY THE ARTIST (2)

Moving Mountains, Walking on Water

As artists like James Turrell and Michael Heizer continue to toil on their massive Earthworks, caretakers of other examples of Land Art are facing questions of conservation, access, and environmental impact. Meanwhile, more ecologically conscious artists have been updating the genre. Read More

Roden Crater rises over the sunken vista of Arizona’s Painted Desert. KAY LARSON

I Slept in Roden Crater

A night in the eye of a volcano was a life-altering experience Read More