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Sascha Braunig's Untitled (Icy Spicy), 2011.COURTESY FOXY PRODUCTION

Sascha Braunig Enters the Void: A Q&A

Sascha Braunig’s immaculately rendered paintings seem to exist in their own optical universe. She paints portraits, but only in the most expansive set of that term—”Ur-characters, blanks” is how she describes her subjects. As patterns hum in the background, humanoid elements emerge from fluid ripples of lines, … Read More

Open Sesame: Art Events in New York
The first three offerings from Paul Chan's New Lovers series.


9 Art Events To Attend In New York City This Week

TUESDAY, MARCH 10 Talk: Tim Hawkinson at the New York Public Library To celebrate the public launch of sculptor Tim Hawkinson’s digital catalogue raisonné via Artifex Press, the New York Public Library is hosting a three-way dialogue between Hawkinson, his editor Hannah … Read More


Superstorm Sandy Creates Paradigm Shift for Insurers

The impact from Sandy includes changes in practices and prices for the art-insurance industry and its clients Read More