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Frieze New York 2015 Market

Dr. Dre Makes an Appearance at Frieze, Courtesy Tom Sachs’s Ceramic Boombox

Walking by the Salon 94 booth, I heard the instrumental version of Dr. Dre’s classic turn-of-the century banger “The Next Episode” play out of a ceramic boombox at a moderate volume. This is the work of the artist Tom Sachs, … Read More


Telling Stories in Three Dimensions: Installation Art Today

Once upon a time, storytelling was the most ambitious mission of painting. Panel by panel, Renaissance artists told the lives of Christ and the saints on the walls of churches. Michelangelo presented the sweeping drama of the Old and New … Read More

News Web Exclusive
Tom Sachs, VistaJet, film still, 2013, installation, mixed media. COURTESY OF VISTAJET.

Safe Sachs: What Happens When Artists Make a Flight-Safety Video

Buckle your seatbelts! Tom Sachs and Van Neistat make a stop-motion animation for VistaJet Read More

News Web Exclusive
Cristina Lei Rodriquez's multicolor sculpture


Flipping Pages: Using Moleskine as Medium

A new book showcases artists, writers, architects, and designers who turn blank journals into works of art Read More

Deborah Kass, 16 Barbras (The Jewish Jackie Series), 1992, 
a Warhol-inspired series with wit and irony added.

Warhol Warhol Everywhere

A quarter century after Andy Warhol’s death, his work resonates more than ever. Several museum
exhibitions are focusing on his influence in painting, photography, film, performance, and more Read More

Tom Sachs’s studio team prepares for his reenactment of a trip to Mars at the Park Avenue Armory.

Out of this World

Space travel has become an obsession among contemporary artists who are reenacting journeys to Mars, making replicas of astronaut gear, and even training with NASA Read More

Photograph of Patrick Jacobs working on Raked Leaves, 2008, a miniature “diorama” viewed through a three-inch window.

Use Your Illusion

Contemporary sculptors are tricking the eye and the mind with uncannily realistic objects Read More


Mask Communication

How a group of blindfolded artists got by with a little help from some friends. Read More