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Alma Thomas, Resurrection, 1966, acrylic and graphite on canvas. WHITE HOUSE HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION

The Obamas Bring More Modern and Contemporary Art into the White House

Every U.S. president’s political vision comes with an artistic one, as well. As the New York Times reports, Barack Obama has broadened the scope of the White House’s art collection, replacing stuffy portraits with more modern and contemporary art.The article specifically … Read More


Here’s a Photo of an Alma Thomas Painting in the White House

It’s a beautiful Wednesday afternoon here in New York City—about 70 degrees and partly cloudy—and it just feels like the right time to share this photo, which has Alma Thomas’s Resurrection (1966), a stunner of a painting, presiding over a Passover … Read More

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D.C. for ETs: Sci-fi Archeology at the Corcoran

An alien’s-eye view of Washington’s ruins, via Ellen Harvey Read More


Critics Nix Obamas’ Pix Mix

Searching for meaning in the art selected for the presidential residence. Read More