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Temple of Bel in Palmyra, destroyed by ISIS militants in 2015.


‘This Is a Genocide’: Art Historian Zainab Bahrani on ISIS’s Destruction of Cultural Heritage

Last year, news outlets began reporting that the militant group known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria had begun bombing and bulldozing cultural heritage sites and artifacts, some dating back to ancient times. The losses this far include … Read More

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Inside the Secret Market for Nazi-Looted Art

The German dealer who left 1,400 works to his son was part of a network of dealers and others in Munich who helped implement the Nazi looting program, conceal stolen works, and sell them after the war Read More

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Justice Austrian Style?

An investigator into Austria’s Nazi-era crimes faces a “completely absurd” indictment
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The Restitution Struggle: Malaise, Indifference, and Frustration

Decades after the effort began, hundreds of thousands of artworks and other objects looted from victims of the Holocaust have yet to be returned to the owners or their heirs
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MoMA’s Problematic Provenances

Behind a lawsuit brought against the Museum of Modern Art by the heirs of George Grosz lies a troubling history of acquiring works seized by the Nazis and sold to support the German war effort Read More


The German-Russian Stalemate

With diplomatic efforts unable to resolve the trophy-art dilemma, museum officials in both countries are looking for a way to break the deadlock. Read More