Alison and Peter Klein’s collection contains more than 1,400 works of contemporary photography, painting, and aboriginal art, but apart from their focus on these three categories, the couple clings to the old maxim “Buy what you love.” The Kleins explain on the website for their museum, Kunstwerk, in Stuttgart, Germany, “The most important factor is that a piece of art touches us. We do not allow great names or trends in the art scene to influence us.” The mysterious is the only other motif that might be said to be a constant in their collection. “An artwork that seems to conceal something, which only drops hints, is always challenging and never becomes tired,” Peter says on the website. “Such pieces are complete stories; you always discover something new, and you are reflected in them differently every time.”

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Alison and Peter W. Klein

Eberdingen-Nussdorf, Germany

Source of wealth:
Real estate (Peter Klein Real Estate)

Collecting area:
Contemporary painting and photography; Aboriginal art

Top 200 appearance:
, , , , , ,

Fun fact:

The Kleins began collecting art in the 1980s when the architect of a new building for Peter’s company encouraged them to find some art to hang in it. They’ve been buying ever since.