John Phelan owned a few pieces of art before he met his wife, Amy, but it wasn’t until they married that the couple really started their collection. In a 2008 W magazine article, Amy Cappellazzo, who was then at Christie’s, described the Phelans’ taste in art as “brave . . . a celebration of the sexual side of life with a sense of humor.” Their collection, which is displayed at their Colorado and Florida homes, includes works by Andreas Gursky, Lisa Yuskavage, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, and others. They also own several works by artist and photographer Marilyn Minter that were inspired by Amy Phelan herself. The former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is one of the artist’s muses. “I had literally been stopping people in the street looking for lips like [hers],” Minter told W.

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Amy and John Phelan

Aspen, Colorado; Palm Beach, Florida

Source of wealth:
Investments (MSD Capital)

Collecting area:
Contemporary art

Top 200 appearance:
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Fun fact:

The Phelans credit Glenn Fuhrman, also on the ARTnews Top 200, for inspiring their interest in contemporary art.