Who needs a curator? Not Antoine de Galbert, that’s for sure. When the independently wealthy de Galbert decided to display his personal collection at his contemporary art foundation, La Maison Rouge, he hired an IT specialist. The exhibition, titled “The Wall,” was organized using the “Monte-Carlo method” to generate a random algorithm that placed works based solely on two factors—their size when framed and their inventory number. While this method of display may seem unorthodox, it makes perfect sense in light of de Galbert’s collecting philosophy. The works that find their way into his collection are the result, as he wrote in an e-flux announcement, of “taking paths that are sometimes well off the beaten track, often in the shadow of history and oblivious to fashion.” De Galbert has collected over 1,200 works by close to 500 artists in the same way that they were displayed in “The Wall”–one by one, randomly, based on chance discoveries. “Each one,” he said, “reminds me of a story, of a moment, an encounter. It is this subjectivity that should always distinguish a private collection from a public one.”

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Antoine de Galbert


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Contemporary art; Primitive art

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De Galbert opened a branch of Paris’s famed Rose Bakery in La Maison Rouge. The patisserie changes its entire decorative scheme to match each new exhibition.