‘The most visible manifestation of affluence,” Howard Rachofsky once told Bloomberg Business, “is what’s hanging on your walls.” What’s hanging on the Rachofskys’ walls are parts of a more than 800-work collection primarily devoted to American and European postwar movements, displayed on a rotating basis at their private residence, the Rachofsky House, in Dallas. What can’t be found at the house could very well be at the Warehouse, a project that Howard Rachofsky initiated with fellow collector Vernon Faulconer for the purpose of providing scholars, curators, and critics access to their respective collections.

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Cindy and Howard Rachofsky


Source of wealth:

Collecting area:
Postwar and contemporary American and European art; postwar Japanese and Korean art

Top 200 appearance:
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Fun fact:

One of the Rachofskys’ favorite pieces, according to an article in W magazine, is Tom Friedman’s Untitled (2003), a giant blue man, made entirely of Styrofoam, staring shyly down at his shoes. “It weighs almost nothing, yet it has great presence," Howard said. "It was an instant love affair.”