Ernesto Bertarelli works hard. His employment with his father’s pharmaceutical company started at the age of six, when he was recruited to hand out the employee-of-the-year awards. By the age of 31, Bertarelli had taken over his father’s position as head of the company. Still, as he told the Financial Times in 2010, Bertarelli believes that “it’s important to have other things, not just work. . . . You can’t always be behind your desk.” Bertarelli’s “other things” include family, sailing, and, of course, a vast collection of modern and contemporary art.

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Ernesto Bertarelli

Gstaad, Switzerland

Source of wealth:
Biotech and investments

Collecting area:
Modern and contemporary art

Top 200 appearance:
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Fun fact:

During their childhood family vacations, Bertarelli and his younger sister created an imaginary friend named “Alinghi.” To this day, that is the name that he gives to all of his sailing boats.