Cirque du Soleil might not be art exactly, but the trapeze spectacle has sure raked in the big bucks, allowing its founder, Guy Laliberté, to cobble together a pretty stunning collection. Many of his works reside on a massive property—the 64-acre Can Soleil, purchased from Mick Flick—in the quiet part of party island Ibiza. In 2015 he founded a gallery, Lune Rouge, also on Ibiza, to display some of his works to the public. Its inaugural show featured gigantic sculptures and flashy spin paintings by Takashi Murakami, and was fêted with a party at the Heart Ibiza, his newly christened Cirque du Soleil-themed club, complete with jump-suited dancers running around doing flips and dances.

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Guy Laliberté

Ibiza, Spain; Montreal

Source of wealth:
Creative ventures (Red Moon Group)

Collecting area:
Contemporary art

Top 200 appearance:

Fun fact:

According to W magazine, at 18, Laliberté left his hometown of Quebec City to become a juggler and fire eater.