Cirque du Soleil, the international trapeze spectacle, has raked in the big bucks, allowing its founder, Guy Laliberté, to cobble together a pretty stunning collection. Many of his works reside on a massive property—the 64-acre Can Soleil, purchased from Mick Flick—in the quiet part of the party island Ibiza. In 2015 he founded a gallery, Lune Rouge, also on Ibiza, to display some of his works to the public. Its inaugural show featured gigantic sculptures and flashy paintings by Takashi Murakami, and was toasted with a fete at the Heart Ibiza, his newly christened Cirque du Soleil-themed club, complete with jump-suited dancers running around doing flips and dancing.

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Guy Laliberté

Ibiza, Spain; Montreal

Source of wealth:
Creative ventures (Groupe Lune Rouge)

Collecting area:
Contemporary art

Top 200 appearance:
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Fun fact:

According to W magazine, at 18, Laliberté left his hometown of Quebec City to become a juggler and fire eater.