Marc Andreessen is the cofounder of Netscape, co-author of Mosaic, and cofounder and general partner of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, among many other things. Laura is the founder and president of a philanthropy “incubator” nonprofit that has worked with young billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, persuading them to “give away their wealth now, rather than later,” according to the Washington Post. She also wrote a book on the subject called Giving 2.0 and launched an online course with the same name. Along with all of that, the pair has made a name for themselves in the art world, collecting American artists like Jasper Johns and Agnes Martin.

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Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen and Marc Andreessen

Palo Alto, California

Source of wealth:
Philanthropy; entrepreneur

Collecting area:
Postwar and contemporary art

Top 200 appearance:

Fun fact:

In 2016, having bought so much work from Pace Gallery that she decided it was time to give back, Laura invited Pace Art + Technology to show a teamLab installation in her father's old Tesla shop in Silicon Valley.