The eccentric Thai art collector Petch Osathanugrah is the heir to and current CEO of the family-owned beverage company Osotspa. Founded in 1891, the legendary brand is behind such iconic Thai energy drinks as SHARK Cool Bite and M-150. Osathanugrah has been collecting art for over three decades, and he is currently at work on his most ambitious project to date: the Dib Museum of Contemporary Art (formerly called the Sansab Museum of Contemporary Art), a Bangkok museum with a focus on international contemporary art, slated to open in 2020. “For me, art is for contemplating and experiencing the present moment, and hopefully, take us beyond the limitations of our thinking mind, which is mostly mundane and shallow, and definitely not for speculating or investment,” Osathanugrah told Cura/Genda magazine in 2018.

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Petch Osathanugrah


Source of wealth:
Beverages (Osotspa); education (Bangkok University)

Collecting area:
International contemporary art

Top 200 appearance:

Fun fact:

Much like energy drinks, art collecting runs in the Osathanugrah family. Prior to his death, Petch’s father, Surat, was one of Thailand’s top collectors.