Hasso Plattner, a German billionaire, famously left IBM in the 1970s to form his own software company, SAP, which stands for this list: “systems, applications, products.” Plattner loves paintings by East German artists. He favors the Leipzig School in particular, and big names in his collection include Wolfgang Mattheuer, Werner Tübke, Bernhard Heisig, Willi Sitte, Ulrich Hachulla, Erich Kissing, Hartwig Ebersbach, Arno Rink, and Michael Triegel. He founded the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford University, focused on producing creative solutions to complex challenges, in 2004.

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Sabine and Hasso Plattner

Heidelberg, Germany

Source of wealth:
Software (SAP AG Software Company)

Collecting area:
East German art; Impressionism

Top 200 appearance:
, , ,

Fun fact:

According to Der Spiegel, Bill Gates has complimented Plattner on his art collection in the past.