Sultan Al Qassemi, who is well known for his tweets about politics and life in the Middle East, made his money from a mixture of inheritance and entrepreneurship. He is a member of an organization called the Global Commission on Internet Governance, and also an MIT Media Lab Director’s fellow. In his collecting, he focuses on contemporary Arab artists, and wrote to ARTnews that he “sees collecting and displaying art as a further extension of my written social commentary on Middle Eastern developments.” His foundation, the Barjeel Art Foundation, holds works by numerous Middle Eastern modernists. Al Qassemi was also considered a prominent voice during the events of Arab Spring.

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Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

Sharjah, UAE

Source of wealth:
Inheritance; Entrepreneur

Collecting area:
Modern and contemporary Arab art

Top 200 appearance:
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Fun fact:

Time magazine included him in its article on the “140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2011.”