Thomas Olbricht, a German endocrinologist, began collecting at age four, buying stamps and little toy cars. In the ’80s, Olbricht started collecting postwar German art, beginning with the work of a local artist named Ruhr Georg Meistermann. He now collects contemporary art and Wunderkammer objects, and continues to buy stamps, too. Olbricht and his wife founded the Olbricht Collection in Berlin so they could share the work he owns with the public. Their goal is to instill a love of art in children and young people, perhaps getting them to start their own collections with something as simple as a toy car.

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Thomas Olbricht


Source of wealth:
Doctor of medicine

Collecting area:
19th-century art; contemporary art; Wunderkammer objects; stamps

Top 200 appearance:
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Fun fact:

Olbricht’s favorite work in his collection is a bronze hourglass from 1620. The work used to belong to Yves Saint Laurent.