Louis-Antoine Prat has made a career out of being an art lover, and works at the Louvre as a researcher and adviser. Véronique Prat is an arts journalist, best known for her work in Le Figaro. Their collection is one of the world’s premier private collections of French drawing (mostly from the 17th through the 19th centuries), and includes all the big French names of works on paper: Manet, Degas, Cézanne, Poussin, Boucher, Watteau, David, Ingres, and Millet, among others. Their collection normally lives in their home in the 7th arrondissement (where else?) of Paris, but often travels and gets shown around the world.

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Véronique and Louis-Antoine Prat


Source of wealth:
Inheritance (manufacturing)

Collecting area:
17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century French drawings

Top 200 appearance:
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Fun fact:

Louis-Antoine is a novelist, also, though he hasn’t published a work of fiction in many years. His literary fiction, naturally, is all about art and art collectors.