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Top 200 Collectors

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The Changing Face of Collecting

How has the ARTnews Top 200 Collectors List evolved over the past 33 editions?

If there is a common denominator to collecting, it is a commitment to art that is an integral part of one’s identity. Over the past 12 months, the Top 200 Collectors have continued their dedication to buying new, challenging, and inspiring art. Read an introduction to the 33rd edition of the list, the most diverse one compiled to date.

Collectors Highlights

A silhouetted black-and-white portrait of a Black man and a Black woman on a gray background.

Denise and Gary Gardner


Consumer products

Contemporary art, with an emphasis on artists of the African diaspora

A silhouetted black-and-white portrait of a smiling white man in a suit with glasses on a gray background.

Emile Stipp

London; Pretoria, South Africa

Financial services

Contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora, with a focus on video art

A silhouetted black-and-white composite image of two portraits of an older Asian man and a middle-age Asian woman on a gray background.

Hiroshi Taguchi and Miwa Taguchi-Sugiyama


Entrepreneur; Manufacturing (Misumi Group)

Japanese and international contemporary art

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