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Jane and Marc Nathanson

Jane and Marc Nathanson

Los Angeles

Communications; real estate

Contemporary art; American Pop art


Jane and Marc Nathanson

Billionaires Jane and Marc Nathanson are known for once being owners of Falcon Cable, which they sold for $3.7 billion. The L.A.-based couple boasts a home collection about which the New York Times once wrote, “Having seven Andy Warhols, as the Nathansons do, is rare indeed. Rarer still is that they are the choicest cuts of the artist’s work, and all on view, with Double Elvis (1964), Two Marilyns (1962) and Large Campbell’s Soup Can (1965) among them.” They regularly acquire work at Art Basel, including pieces by Koons, Kelly, and Lichtenstein—they donated a painting by the latter, Interior with Three Hanging Lamps (1991), to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2015. Marc is co-chair of the Pacific Council on International Policy, and Jane is on the board of LACMA.