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Top 200 Collectors

Judy and Michael H. Steinhardt

Judy and Michael H. Steinhardt

Mount Kisco, New York; New York

Investment firm

Classical antiquities; modern art, especially drawings; Peruvian feathered textiles


Judy and Michael Steinhardt collect things—lots of things. In fact, the family is estimated to have spent more than $200 million over the years on their various collections, which cover a broad range of categories, including everything from Ancient Peruvian feather textiles to exotic animals and plants. Their fine-art collection includes works by Pollock, Picasso, Cézanne, Klee, Beckmann, Dubuffet, and many more, but they are also well-known collectors of antiquities from the Ancient Near East, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. A gallery in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s ancient Greek art wing is named after the couple. In 2018, nine works were seized from their Manhattan home by authorities, who said that the pieces were looted from Greece and Italy. The following year, Michael, who sits on the advisory board of Christie’s, was accused of sexual harassment.