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Wang Bing

Wang Bing


Entertainment (Huayi Brothers Media)

Contemporary Chinese art


In 2014, Wang Bing cofounded the New Century Art Foundation, which has spaces in Beijing and Shanghai, with fellow collector Xue Bing. The foundation is dedicated to the study and promotion of Chinese contemporary art, with funding available to artists, curators, scholars, and institutions in the field. The founders have said they hope NCAF can “function as a platform that would play a leading role in terms of bringing power of various parties together.” Wang’s own collection features pieces by Chinese contemporary artists like Qiu Xiaofei, Wang Yin, Liu Ye, and Cao Fei. The New Century Art Foundation organized an exhibition of a Riverboat Song, a film by Jordan Wolfson, in Shanghai in 2017.

Wang wrote on the foundation’s website: “NCAF places an emphasis on the sustainable development of the art system and ecology. Through the launch of the foundation, we hope that it could function as a platform that would play a leading role in terms of bringing the power of various parties together, enhancing the awareness on its mission, and inspiring the involvement of more resources.” This year the foundation staged “Anti-Projection: Media Sculptures in Early Chinese Video Art,” a group exhibition  featuring artists Chen Shaoxiong, Hu Jieming, Wang Gongxin, Yang Zhenzhong, Zhang Peili, and Zhu Jia. Another past exhibition is “Zhuang Hui: Engender My Own Way of Concern For the World,” a retrospective of Zhuang Hui’s three decade-long career, spanning his achievements in installation, painting, video, and photography. In recent years, Wang has appeared on several lists of top collectors in Asia.