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A.M. Weaver

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This exhibition by Korean artist Yeesookyung (b. 1963) was her first solo in North America in nearly 20 years. It overlapped with the Philadelphia Museum of Art's "Treasures from Korea," a wide-rangin…

Moe Brooker

Walking through Moe Brooker's exhibition, one was overtaken by the abundance of color oozing from the agitated surfaces of his mixed-medium paintings.

Barbara Bullock

From intense violet to black, Barbara Bullock has spent a career balancing vibrant colors with darker hues. She uses black liberally to make her painted collage constructions.

Martha Jackson Jarvis

A dark, womblike atmosphere pervaded Martha Jackson Jarvis's "Ancestors' Bones," an exhibition of recent work at the University of Delaware's Mechanical Hall Gallery. More than a group of individual p…

Vibha Galhotra

Upon entering the gallery, viewers were confronted by a sprawling, 53-foot photographic mural of an expansive stretch of New Delhi, with houses and buildings squeezed together in a chaotic, cluttere…

Sonya Clark

References to hair existed everywhere in this recent exhibition by Sonya Clark. As you walked into the spacious first floor gallery you were flanked, on the right, by a monumental portrait of Madam…

Charles Burwell

In this show of nine recent paintings, "Structuring Desire/Desiring Structure," Charles Burwell offered no quiet moments. The title suggests a mind comfortable with systems of order, such as those f…