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Aimee Walleston

Cindy Hinant

For her solo show, "Aesthetic Relations," New York artist Cindy Hinant used the cosmetics chain Sephora as a place of artistic inquiry.

Nicolas Guagnini

Nicolás Guagnini is attempting to goad the ghost of Guy Debord. "Seven," Guagnini's recent two-gallery solo show, consisted of seven 2012 paintings, each titled Work, depicting a photograph of a…


Conjuring the interior of a deeply flamboyant birdcage, Slovenian artist Jaša’s immersive installation “Apnea’s Rhapsody” was an ebullient rumination on avian flight…

Welling on Wyeth

Welling, who began his artistic life as a watercolorist before switching to photography in art school, grew up admiring the work of Wyeth. But only in the past five years has he thought to use the…