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Alice Pfeiffer

Mess With Texas

Naming an exhibition of young French artists "Dynasty" would seem to suggest a suggest a cynical or sarcastic likening of its content to the children of the 1980s. The current group exhibition in…

History Books

Anselm Kiefer's (b. 1945) work brings to mind ruins and monuments, canvases coated with crumbling impasto, lead, tar and straw to depict the rich, mythical mnemonic layers of tragedy and regeneration…

A New Promised Art

Parisian house Pierre Bergé & Associé seems determined to introduce the nation of France to Israeli contemporary art, through a series of multiple efforts: On May 6, the house held France's first ever

Worth the Trip

"Not every building is a dwelling," wrote philosopher Martin Heidegger to suggest that if home is where the heart is, it doesn't fit just anywhere. Dwelling and the often alienated response to archite

The Studio of Lucian Freud

In 1987, Lucian Freud was given a retrospective at Paris's Centre Pompidou. And then he was gone. Despite his popularity in salerooms, the painter went missing from France's contemporary art scene for…