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Alina Cohen

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Jacolby Satterwhite

Jacolby Satterwhite's exhibition at Gavin Brown's enterprise transformed the gallery into a kind of nightclub—that ultimate escapist's paradise.

Elizabeth Catlett

Elizabeth Catlett explored themes of race, gender, and class in her prints and sculptures, not only portraying the types of injustices she knew all too well as the granddaughter of slaves but also…

Stefanie Heinze

"Disney on acid" may be the best descriptor for the eight paintings in Berlin-based Stefanie Heinze's first exhibition in the United States. In the works (all 2017), abstracted cartoonish forms float…

Susan Cianciolo

While children's naive, unfettered marks have long inspired artists seeking to unlock subconscious potential, Susan Cianciolo's recent exhibition at Bridget Donahue featured actual childhood…

Mira Dancy

Mira Dancy offered images of female empowerment alongside text components that highlight echoes between advertising and protest language.

Tomory Dodge

Since the mid-aughts, Los Angeles–based artist Tomory Dodge has been known for making abstract paintings defined by a kind of structured chaos.

Bella Foster

Los Angeles-based artist Bella Foster creates dreamy, alluring paintings of real and imagined domestic interiors and still life arrangements. 

Andrea Joyce Heimer

The title of one of Andrea Joyce Heimer’s paintings is so long that Hometown had to bunch some of the words together on the checklist, deleting the spaces between them.